Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I've added some new card samples to my page on www.mydigitalstudio.net so check them out! Just find the "Members" section on the right side of the homepage and look up my name, click on me to go to my page then click on Samples. I don't have lots there yet, but I love doin' it digitally so more will come! I have mostly been creating books featuring photos for my family and I didn't think there was enough "digital magic" and design components or techniques used to interest everyone out there, so I haven't posted those. I also have to finish figuring out watermarks before I can post certain things.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I just added a new page with links to PDFs of all the current Stampin' Up! catalogs, and also for PDF files that list the materials used in all the sample projects shown in the catalogs. Instructions are not included in the materials lists, however. If you have questions about using any of the materials to make a project, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you!
The PDFs are shopping guides for those of you who don't have a hard copy of a catalog. To shop and order online, click on the 24/7 shopping button.
Happy Stampin' everyone!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Another day of blog construction is drawing to a close...I learned how to successfully tweak a couple of elements, I created a new page (for videos) and have added to my list of "how do I...?" questions so the learning will continue and this blog o' mine will continue to blossom and grow. I'll keep working a bit longer and see if I can add or tweak anything else before my DH Skype's me. I've been away from home since mid-August (except for one week) caring for my uncle because he had rotator cuff surgery. During my week home I got the webcam set up so at least we get to blow goodnight kisses now! (My husband and I, not my uncle, hee hee!)


Welcome, friends - old and new! My site is under construction and I am building it as I learn how to do it bit by bit. Please keep coming back! Soon I will have photos of the Stampin' Up! dollhouse I built and more. Until I get all my buttons and do-dads built, you can use the "shop" button to get to my website and visit my blog page there, as well as Promotions for current specials. Happy autumn stampin' everyone!