Monday, June 22, 2020


The new annual catalog is live and full of new products! So if you are looking for some new products for your collection and projects, check it out! Contact me to request your own hard copy. 
Below and also in the column on the right are links to the PDF version. If you go to the online store, you can see what is available - there are still back order issues, I'm sorry to say...
Click HERE for the PDF of the catalog.
 And for your viewing pleasure, here is a video of Shelli and Sarah presenting a walk-through of the new catalog!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Winter is waning and new products are here - 
plus it is Sale-A-Bration time!!

 A note about holiday catalog products that did not retire: every year when the holiday catalog period ends, some products retire and others "carry over" and continue to be available online. Some of those products may be in the next annual catalog. This year a few of the popular products were essentially put "in storage" until next year when they will return in the 2020 Holiday catalog! Click HERE for the PDF of all carry-over and returning Holiday products.

MINI CATALOG (formerly Occasions)
The new supplemental catalog is here and will be current until June 2. In the past few years it was called "Occasions" - this year it is "Mini - Handmade for You" but whatever the name, it is still full of so many great new products! Whether you want to make Valentines, cards for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any special occasion, the Mini has something fresh for you!
Use the link in the right column or click HERE for the PDF of the catalog. Or use the shopping link to see everything in the online store. 

This annual promotion gives customers and hosts the opportunity to earn special new products! Customers get to choose products in the SAB brochure based on their orders of $50 or $100. Some of these limited edition products coordinate with items in the Mini and Annual catalogs. This brochure is only the first phase of SAB - more products will be offered March 3! Everything is while supplies last so contact me soon to plan how you can earn the products you want!
Click HERE for the PDF of the brochure, or use the link on the right, or go to the online store using the shopping link!