Suzanne Johnson, Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator in Snohomish, WA. I also make frequent visits to southern California and often have stampin' events and parties there!
I have been called a "Renaissance woman" by friends because I am very creative, have a wide range of interests, am open to exploring new ideas, love learning new things and have worked in a variety of areas in my life. Currently I am working on building a career based on my creative abilities. My Stampin' Up! business is part of that, and I am also pursuing writing and a proposal for a television project. I won't say too much more about that, I don't want to jinx it LOL!

Children just didn't "happen" for me and my husband, and we have ended up with cats instead. Other animal lovers will understand how they rule our lives. I may later add a page just about them, past and present, so those interested can read more (and if you are not interested you can skip it!).

Here is a photo of my family at our wedding (I'm the one in the wedding gown):

I did all my own wedding planning, and I made the dress and flower headdress for our "Flower Princess" girl. It was October and the fall colors were out in the Pacific NW so that influenced my colors. The theme was "Renaissance Fairy Tale" for lack of a better description as I basically mixed up old world themes with Disney. My husband and I initially became friends and bonded over shared love for Disney, garlic, and chocolate.
In the years since we married, I became a cancer survivor and we also lost to cancer the lovely young woman on the far left of the photo (she was the mother of the Flower Princess). I now try to participate in Relay for Life annually.

Here is one of my favorite photos of me, my husband and my mother. Yes, we are "those people" who wear holiday theme clothes and I've been known to coordinate my husband's outfits with mine on special occasions. So, sue me.
More stuff I love to do or experience: books, movies, lots of TV shows, dance, theatre arts, holidays, traveling, almost anything vintage or French, puzzles, tea rooms, tropical beaches, snow, seasons, Starbucks, teaching.

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