The information and blog-hop links below will continue to be updated through November 1, the deadline for participating demonstrators to provide their links and post their clues. YOU have until November 15 to hunt for the Stampin' Up! product clue on at least 50 blogs, and send your list of blogs and clues to me! Please share your feedback with all of us by leaving comments on our blogs.
Thank you for visiting my blog and for participating in this fun event. By completing this
challenge, you'll be entered to win Stampin' Up! products! Each participating region will award its own prize to a winner from that region. Demonstrators are still joining the hunt, and we anticipate the US prize to be a $150 for the winner to spend on a Stampin' Up! order! If you use the entire $150 on your products (paying for taxes and shipping yourself), you'll also qualify for hostess benefits! 
  • Visit the blogs of at least 50 of the Stampin' Up! demonstrators listed below. NOTE: Contest runs through November 15, 2014, so you will have to check back for blog links that have been added. I will post each time I edit the list, so be sure to sign up to follow my blog and receive notifications of my new posts.
  • Look for the participating Treasure Hunt clue. All blogs will have the Stampin' Up!Treasure Hunt  box (shown here)  and/or the treasure chest *shown on the right hand column) on posted to verify they are a registered participant in the current hunt.
  • Make a list of the clues and the blog where you found it. You may have to look through the posts on the blogs to find the clue - as time passes more posts will precede the clue post. Iit is a Treasure HUNT after all! 
  • TREASURE HUNT TIPS: SOME BLOGS HAVE FORMS YOU CAN USE TO TRACK YOUR CLUES, OR CREATE A WORD TABLE OR EXCEL CHART FOR YOURSELF. WHEN YOU OPEN EACH BLOG COPY THE BLOG ADDRESS TO YOUR CLUE LIST & RETURN TO THE BLOG; DOES IT HAVE A PAGE TAB/HEADER FOR THE TREASURE HUNT? START THERE! IF NOT, SCAN/SCROLL THE SIDEBARS FOR A SEARCH TOOL...TRY "CLUE" and/or "HUNT" AS KEY WORDS, THEN CHECK THE POSTS IN THE SEARCH RESULTS. NO SEARCH TOOL? FIND THE "ARCHIVES" (usually in a sidebar or at the bottom) and CHECK THE POST TITLES FOR AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, AND OCTOBER 2013 (respectively, and be sure it is the Fall 2013 hunt, not an earlier one) FOR ANYTHING WITH A TITLE RELATED TO THE TREASURE HUNT. Some demos are putting their clues on the same page as the blog list, others (like me) put it in a separate post. Some put the list in a post, some on a page, as I did. HAVE FUN EXPLORING THE BLOGS! Look for great samples to Pin to your Pinterest boards, tutorials, and ESPECIALLY KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR PRIZE OFFERINGS AND BLOG CANDY! Lots of demos are offering the chance to win their own prize give-away! I am offering blog candy on my Holiday Catalog Inspirations page, for example. Feel free to call me if you have trouble sorting out your Treasure Hunt. Once you have your list, see next bullet.  
  • Once you've collected 50 clues, email the list of blogs and corresponding clues to me (or your demonstrator in your country) at gotta-stamp@comcast.net. You must have the clue and the blog you found it on to have each answer qualify. Submit your list only to ONE demonstrator on the blog list! Multiple entries are NOT accepted.
  • You have from Monday, September 1 through November 15, 2014 to collect your 50 clues and email them to me to be entered into the contest.
  • Hunt closes and all entries must be received by November 15, 2014 at midnight PST.
  • Winners in each country will be announced and contacted by the end of November. One prize winner will be chosen from each participating country.

PLEASE NOTE: the participating demos on this list have until October 1 to post their clue, so if you are hunting in September and a blog has not posted a clue or this list, check back! And remember, blogs will continue to added throughout the month so keep checking for new blogs and clues!

1. Sherrill Graff http://latenitestampinwithsherrill.blogspot.com                   US
2.  Sherrill Graff http://parttimepapercraft.blogspot.com                            US
3.  Sherrill Graff http://latenightstamper-stampandscrap.blogspot.com         US
4.  Sherrill Graff http://sostuckonstampin.blogspot.com                             US
5.  Deborah Smart www.stampandcreate.net                                             CA
6.  Bev Farmer www.createwithbev.blogspot.com                                       US
7.  Katie Shimshock www.stampin-shimmy-style.blogspot.com                   US
8.  Bridget Sandoval www.krittercrafts.com                                              US
9.  Jana T. Secord www.stampinjana.stampinup.net                                   US
10.  Misty Snell www.snellmisty.wordpress.com                                         US
11.  Michelle McCArthy http://creativeexpressions.typepad.com/creative_expressions           US
12.  Rhonda MacNally http://rhondalovesstamping.wordpress.com/            CA
13.  Sarah Souza www.sarahsstamplab.com                                              US
14.  Carol Gleason www.inkshimmerandshine.com                                    US
15.  Diana Carr www.secretlifeofpaper.com                                               US
16.  Debbie Teague www.inkandpapertherapy.com                                   US
17.  Olivia V. Studley www.olivestamps.blogspot.com                               US
18.  Cyndy Ponczek www.cyndystamps.blogspot.com                               US
19.  Patricia Olson http://www.pattiolson.blogspot.com                              US
20.  Mary Lee http://www.maryleestamping.blogspot.com                           US
22.  Nora J. Hampton http://craftingwithnora.com                                    US
23.  Karina Chin http://www.karinaskreations.com                                    CA
24.  Angeleca Fletcher http://www.redcloudcrafter.blogspot.com/                US
25.  Angie Jones http://angiescraftfUSion.blogspot.com A                          US
26.  Sharon Tong-Robinson http://sharonscreativestampinplayroom.blogspot.com   US
27.  Ann Shafer http://fyhCArds.blogspot.com                                          US
28.  Angeline Anny http://angiespapercloset.blogspot.com                         US
29.  Laura Simnick http://lauurasimnick.blogspot.com                               US
30.  Janis L. Thomas www.letsstamptogether.com/wordpress                      US
31.  Cindy Mitchell-Clark www.cindysstampingcorner.wordpress.com         US
32.  Christy Minshall http://www.createwithchristy.com                             US
33.  Marie Green http://www.mytanglewoodcottage.com/                           US
34.  Lisa Tyndall http://www.lisatstamps.blogspot.com/                              US
35.  Valerie Malkus www.valstamps.typepad.com                                     US
36.  Cheryl Laxton  
37.  Billie Moan www.ramblingrosestudio.com                                          US
38.  Becky O’Donnell  


  1. Suzanne, what a great blog you have and I'm absolutely loving all the LNS Blog Hop updates you post. Awesome! Thanks for participating and your clue is terrific. I need to spend some more time on my MDS this year.

  2. Thanks for the fun hop. I just E-mailed my list to you.

  3. So glad you are on the Hunt with us! It's so enjoyable to visit these blogs and see so much fun art! (((hugs))) sherrill graff